Midweek Thoughts 12/20/17

Good evening! Let’s get it popping with this week’s Midweek Thoughts.

1. Rest In Peace, Combat Jack: Hip-Hop world lost a legend as Reggie Ossé a.k.a. Combat Jack passed away today at the age of 48. Combat Jack had announce on his podcast that he was diagnosed with Colon cancer back in October. Combat Jack was known for getting his start as an entertainment lawyer before switching to journalism. I remember being put on to his show a few years ago and I remember hearing his name through out the hip-hop websites. He’s going to be greatly missed and I send my condolences to his family and friends.

2. LaVar Ball Wants To Start A Basketball League: LaVar Ball is everywhere. Front row at the Lakers games cheering his son; Pulling his other sons out of school and basketball programs to have them play overseas. Now, LaVar wants to start a basketball league for high school graduates where the lowest ranked player is paid $3,000 a month and the highest receives $10,000. I mean get what he’s looking to do but come on now. The NCAA needs to get their act together in regards to taking care of the student athletes but how would the players in Ball’s league would get ranked fairly? Well we shall see if this ever comes to light.

3. Rap Quote:

“Merry Christmas to all, and all a good night
Huh, now we all livin’ the good life
Yeah, though it’s forty below the wind chill
And we wipin’ snow up off the windshield
It’s still, wonderful night to be alive, baby
And I’m, so happy I’m with my baby
And we a little late with the Christmas gifts
Rushin’ for the mall, don’t trip, you know I drive crazy” – Kanye West from “Christmas In Harlem

4. 2018 Glo Up: I don’t know if it’s the iPhone X camera or the gassing up that I’ve been getting but I want to commit to a lifestyle change of 2018. I need to push myself and get it done.

5. Happy Holidays: To all of you that take the time to read the content that’s posted here, thank you all and Happy Holidays to you and yours.