Midweek Thoughts 12/6/17

Good afternoon, readers! Let’s get this edition of Midweek Thoughts poppin’!

1. Colin Kaepernick Wins Muhammad Ali Legacy Award: Well, he may not be Time’s Person of the Year, but Colin Kaepernick was rewarded with Sports Illustrated’s Muhammad Ali Legacy Award. On hand to present him the award was Beyoncé.

2. Tomi Lahren Can’t Keep Beyoncé’s Name Out Of Her Mouth: So Tomi mentioned Beyoncé and got dragged as she should. She needs to be left in 2017.

3. Rap Quote:

“We’ve been together
Oh, we’ve been together
But separate’s always better
When there’s feelings involved
If what they say is “Nothing is forever”
Then what makes, then what makes, then what makes
Then what makes, what makes, what makes
Love the exception?
So why oh why oh, why oh why oh
Are we so in denial
When we know we’re not happy here?
Y’all don’t want to hear me, you just want to dance” – Andre 3000 from Outkast’s “Hey Ya

4. MonoNeon: The latest internet escape of mine is watching MonoNeon’s IG clips were he plays bass behind over an entertainer’s interview clip. My favorite one is the one he did over Cardi B getting a new car.

5. Feedback: Whenever I get feedback about something that I write, it really humbles me as a lot of you didn’t have to read it at all. I’m thankful of the texts, likes on Facebook and likes/reblogs on Tumblr. You are appreciated.