Write 365: 1103 – A Beautiful Description

A beautiful person is one that showcases from within
Took her hand and together moved ahead from where we’d been
We never stopped learned as more discoveries helped us cultivate
Once a deserted land, things became alive when she infiltrate
We turned up the notch and proceeded to dance to show expression
Lyrics written that describes the perfection inside our imperfection
Piano keys setting the aura which fits the mold in which we compose
Good luck in solving the puzzle with a solution that only she knows
Can I annotate further in rhyme as she’s a dream come true of mine
How I know that she’s there to push me closer to glory as I shine
Was it destiny that lead her down this road to spark the flame
All of the love that’s present without the requirement of fame
Official with the work as making it a priority to become victorious
Having this type of support is what I consider to be a huge bonus
Savoring the aroma that emerges from her essence that’s so modest
Still holding on to her hand as we ascend to a point that’s the highest