52 Weeks Of Gratitude Challenge – 010: List 5 Things You Like About You

This week’s gratitude challenge is to list 5 things that I like about myself.

1. Great Hugs: Hugging is an art form. Wrapping your arms around someone and fully embracing them to give them comfort is something special.

2. Creative: I enjoy creating things whether it’s a podcast idea or a random story from a conversation. I feel as though I put a lot into that project.

3. Listening: I’ve often been told that I am great for listening. But don’t think that you can just dump and leave me drained. Don’t play those foolish games.

4. Simple: I don’t require a grand production to be made happy. A good friend of mine had gotten me some Black Panther comics. That’s means so much more to me than materialistic things.

5. Great Sense Of Humor: I like having a great time when it involves laughing. You can catch me being silly on just about any platform.