Beychella Performance Recap

I would say that midway through this Beychella experience is when I accepted that I was a member of the #BeyHive. It was honestly hard trying to fight off the feelings that came with her music. Her debut album, Dangerous In Love had some nice cuts and B-Day was always a secret pleasure of mine. Didn’t listen to I AM… SASHA FIERCE but 4 was pretty smooth. Beyoncé lured me back in and Lemonade was the clincher. The story here was that Beyoncé was to had performed at Coachella last year but she found out she was pregnant so that cancelled that. Fast forward to one year later and we got to experience greatness.

There was so much to see that it was possible that you could have missed plenty in the initial viewing. As she entered the stage, you already knew that this was going to be a Black ass performance. HBCU band performance was just what I’ve heard many alumni stated what that experience would be like. One thing that I’ve always enjoyed about her performances is that she fuses many of her Southern roots into her performances. Juvenile, Pastor Troy, C-Murder and others represented the hip-hop roots. When Beyoncé belted out “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, I was thinking about how that made me proud to sing that when I was in elementary school. She also provided that Caribbean flavor as well and while we’re on the subject, why didn’t “Baby Boy” get the props that it deserved?

“Ever since you knew your power, you made me cry
And now everytime our love goes sour, you won’t sympathize
You see these tears falling down to my ears
I swear, you like when I’m in pain, yeah
I try to tell you all my fears
You still don’t care?
That’s okay” – “I Care

When she went into “I Care”, that skyrocket song into my Top 5 of her songs. That was pure emotion poured into that record that it will have me swimming deep in the feelings. The band that she had backing up her up was 100% on point. She fused “Me, Myself and I” into the middle of “Sorry”. Jay-Z seemed like he was out of breath when he came on stage to perform “Deja Vu”. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child (DC3) made an appearance as well. Her younger sister, Solange joined her for the extended dance break of “Get Me Bodied”. She finished the nearly two hour set with “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” and “Love On Top”.

What I truly enjoyed about the performance was seeing people on social media bond together over the music. There wasn’t any drama just music and great vibes being shared all around.