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We Know Your Heart's In The Right Place..

Good morning to the 2..3.. maybe 4 people that read my blog. Just want to say thank you for reading my words and experiencing my silly ways.

Now on to something that I wanted to talk about last night. Okay now throughout the years, we’ve had musicians and other entertainers come together for a cause and create a nice song that will uplift spirits.

Black Men United – You Will Know

All Stars – Freedom

Sun City – Artists United Against Apartheid

Various Artists – Voices That Care

and of course

USA For Africa – We Are The World

So when the earthquake occurred in Haiti, it was said that they were going to remake We Are The World. Fans were calling it an epic fail before the track had even been laid down. So some odd weeks later, it debuts during the start of the Winter Olympics. So of course, the Twitter Nation went in on the fuckery as they always do. So the end result was this:

1. Justin Bieber batting lead off? *facepalms*
2. Jennifer Hudson sounded nice.
3. Tony Bennett?
4. Barbara Streisand (I can’t help but to think about Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire.)
5. Miley Cyrus?! Really..
6. Jamie Foxx as Jamie Foxx
7. Wyclef singing in Creole.
8. Lil Wayne 🙁 Why?!
9. T-Pain 🙁 x 65487846546464111 Why?
10. Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles (Time to let it go bro.)
11. Why add a hip hop verse when there wasn’t one on the original?
12. Will.I.Am. still looks like a Black Version of Astro Boy.
13. Thanks to Reefuh, I hadn’t noticed Faith Evans.
14. Nipsey Hustle just chilling in the back.

Final Thoughts (because AngieMic wants me to leave it alone): As many songwriters that were featured on this track, something fresh could’ve been created for Haiti. I mean the original was fine untouched and now since most artists have gotten lazy, they decided to mess it up. I can imagine the artists that declined to partake. As YN stated, Will.I.Am. could’ve came up with something better.


Krusty The Clown & Friends – Sending Our Love Down The Well