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Midweek Thoughts 12/27/17

Good afternoon, readers! We are winding down towards the close of 2017. So let’s knock out the last Midweek Thoughts post of the year!

1. Former Pretty Ricky Member Makes $$$$ From Tweeting: This article floated down my TL this morning about former Pretty Ricky member, Spectacular who is making a killing just by tweeting. That’s right, what a lot of us do for free, he’s getting Dead Presidents to represent him. In an interview with Inc., Spectacular states that after realizing that he wasn’t getting paid from being in Pretty Ricky, he started to focus on monetizing his tweets off a suggesting of a friend. Now I wonder how many people are going to copy his model?

2. Will Smith’s Bright : I watched this movie and it was alright. It felt like Lords of the Rings meeting the inner city. Apparently, this is the first movie in a trilogy so we’re in for an even longer ride.

3. Rap Quote:

“Yo, I’ll be whatever you wan’ call me
Weird or faulty, but lyricists can’t ignore me (nah)
Keep a shooter wherever the force be (why?)
Case they gotta make a band member strip naked like Aubrey
So, they hate and they say
But the AK’s a cross from the tommy like Shenene and they’ll try ya
Rap hero but wasn’t nicer, prior” – Joe Budden from Wale’s “Tito Santana

4. Words Of Encouragement: Over the past few days, I’ve been getting much encouragement from some reliable sources. It’s greatly appreciated and it goes to show that even when you don’t think people are watching, they truly are.

5. Coming To A Close: 2017 was a year of revelations and the continuation of journeys in life. Met some great people and also lost folks along the way. I’m feeling optimistic about 2018. I wish you and yours a happy, successful and prosperous 2018.