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Midweek Thoughts 11/22/17

Another late edition of Midweek Thoughts. Since tomorrow is a special holiday in this country, I’ll talk about what I’m thankful for.

1. Family: Not all the moments were positive but we come together when we need to because we’re all we got. There are some, however, you have to love from a distance.

2. Great Vibes: Whether it was meeting new friends or reconnecting with old ones, those vibes are needed for the strengthening of those bonds.

3. Rap Quote:

“Then Wayne calls up my phone Conversation wasn’t that long
Gets me a flight to Houston in the morning
Oh it’s my time, yeah, it’s on
He’s thinking of signing me, I come home
We make a mixtape with 17 songs
And almost get a Grammy off of that thing They love your son—man, that boy gone
You get the operation you dreamed of
And I finally send you to Rome I get to make good on my promise
It all worked out, girl, we shoulda known Cause you deserve it” – Drake from “Look What You’ve Done

4. Lessons Learned: Whether they were good or bad, there was something to take away from the consequences of our actions.

5. Outlets To Express: I’m thankful that I have this space to express myself in a creative sense.