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Midweek Thoughts 1/24/18

Good day, readers! Time for this week’s Midweek Thoughts. No time to waste, let’s get it on!

1. 2018 NBA All Stars Announced: The players for the 2018 NBA All Star Teams have been selected and with that, there’s been some glaring omissions (How Lou Williams got snubbed is beyond me). LeBron James and Stephen Curry are the captains and will select their rosters regardless of conference. The teams will be announced tomorrow evening (1/25/18). Should be interesting to see how this plays out.

2. XXL Freshman Class: I remember when XXL started to the Freshman Class list, it was anticipated in seeing who was poised to make a splash in hip-hop. The list has fell off in my opinion but I’m sure there will be plenty of ‘Who is this?’ on social media once the official list drops.

3. Rap Quote:

“Back in the day we was slave
Whips and chains
Its tradition
All I got whips and chains
All I did
Flip some cane
Now a nigga sick of the range
Only a new six could fix the pain
Look at all these goose bumps round my wrist and veins
Milton Bradley wanna get my game
5-0 wanna frisk my frame
I dont deal wit cheap blow
When I shoot no block
Sort of like a free throw
Can’t miss” – Cam’Ron from “Fantastic Four Pt. 2

4. Stand Up For Your Worth: With comedian Mo’Nique calling for the boycott of Netflix due ‘race and gender pay disparity’, stand up and be counted tonight. If you feel as though you are deserving of a huge payday for the work that you put in, by all means get that bag. People are on both sides of the fence with this and will get messier as the story drags on.

5. Reaching With Comments: Listen, Black Panther will be here before you know it. I’ve been seeing comments with complaints about where the movie was filmed. All I’m hoping for is that the movie to be excellent and just embracing the culture. Chill with the reaching and just allow greatness to take shape.