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Rated R – My Review


So little Miss Sunshine new album is out and about. The reviews that I’ve heard were mixed.. but I listened to the album twice yesterday…

Remember when she first came on the scene with Music Of The Sun(2005)Pon De Replay video.  She stole all of Tearria Mari’s shine. (Princess Of The Roc – LMAO!!!) Then she released A Girl Like Me(2006) and had everyone singing about being Unfaithful. Good Girl Gone Bad(2007) dropped and everyone wanted to stand under her Umbrella (Ella Ella Eh Eh Eh). and she was running around dancing in the

Fast forward to February 2009 and the Grammy Awards incident occurred with Chris Brown and that put a new spin on her career. So while watching the Diane Sawyer clip on Good Morning America, she was being portrayed as a “golden superstar”. We all know how folks are when they have a new project about to drop and their face is everywhere.

So Rated R, opens with an intro to the Mad House. Throughout the album, she morphs though a number of changes. On Wait your Turn, she declares that she’s “a fuckin’ lady”. Yes, you read correctly, Robyn is cursing on records now.  On Hard featuring label mate Young Jeezy, she starts the first of a few “hood” tracks.  On the Slash featured Rockstar 101, she channels Fefe Dobson style. The lead single Russian Roulette, she broadcasts her emo side. Rude Boy, she taps back into her dancehall roots. G4L, she exclaims “any muthafucka wanna disrespect/playing with fire finna get you wet”.

The album has some cool tracks but just how she is portraying many different characters is boggling my brain. Diehard Rihanna fans may not be disappointed but ol girl from Houston is still running things.