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Midweek Thoughts 7/22/15: (Nerd Boo’s Corner)

Hello again!

It’s me Trena (@lusciousraen) aka Nerd Boo with another guest blog. Derek and I will be attending a wedding together this upcoming weekend (our first together as a couple-YAY!). The woman getting married is a colleage of mine. I’ve had the pleasure (or displeasure, depending on the day) of being her sounding board during her planning process. I’m sure it will be a wonderful event, and filled with surprises. However, let me get into five reasons why I would actually walk out of a wedding/reception.

1) Fighting: I did NOT spend time and money to dress up and look my best just for your cousins to start fighting and ruin everything, or for your single aunt to get to swinging because she didn’t catch the bouquet. I don’t know about you but I’m grown and I can’t be going to grown folks jail.

2) Undisciplined children: I attended a quinceanera years ago where the little sister of the young lady was running back and forth, around and around the church during the ceremony. If there are children running around, screaming, and generally misbehaving without someone keeping them in check, I will gladly grab my purse and leave.

3) No alcohol/food, etc: Now this may sound a bit controversial, but just hear me out. I do understand that it costs money to feed a group of people, no matter how small the invitation list. I also understand that serving alcohol is an extra cost, and then there are people who do not drink at all and don’t serve it at their events. I get this and I respect it.
HOWEVER if you do not make this known ahead of time (or worse, ask people to pay for their own plate), I’m going to assume that you just didn’t care about your guests at all. I’ll swing by Popeye’s and the liquor store on my way home.

4) Rude family members/guests: Now lets face it folks, sometimes we don’t treat one another fairly. We can be extremely judgemental and downright rude if we want to be. There are times that people get the wrong impression of me based on the way I look, and I get treated unfairly. Guess what? If your people don’t know how to treat everyone equally, then I can catch you later.

5) Sketchy behavior from anyone, especially the bride and groom: You may have seen it on t.v. or read something online where a bride or groom had something going on with the bridesmaid/groomsman. Now imagine accidentally witnessing this. Yeah. I don’t need to stay and watch the lies & deception flow. I can give you your gift another time.

So this is just a few of the wedding-related thoughts that ran through my head. All in all, I hope to have a great time with Wow Boo and maybe I’ll be the lucky lady to catch the bouquet if an auntie doesn’t fight me for it, LOL!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Nerd Boo