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Guest Blogger: Lorence R. (@MomentOfTru) – Love’s Labor Lost

Note: This is a VERY GOOD read. We as Black men have to reinforce our love to our Black women. With everything that’s going on in the world involving both Black men and women, we need each other now more than ever.

Why is it as black men, we don’t see a good thing when it’s in front of us? By a good thing, I mean a strong black woman. Why can’t we see when we have a woman so great, that she moves heaven and earth for us, to see the best in us, to help guide us, to help us grow into being the best man we can be? As black men, we have many forces of the world against us. So, when we finally have someone on our side, someone being a courageous, intelligent, motivational woman…we still find ways to alienate her? Why is it when we have someone invested in us, someone who wants to see your potential fulfilled, who wants to see you strive as best as possible in a world that is against you…we still don’t get it in our heads immediately?

We, as black men, ask for a good woman. One, who is intelligent, educated, focused on goals in career and in life, has class, know how to give respect and command it. A woman who is knows how to treat a man, who loves with her heart, a woman who trusts us, who gives us the “key” to her personal life. A woman who allows us in, because she wants to be with you because she sees you’re worth it. We say we don’t want a woman who acts unladylike, who is loud, obnoxious, worried about material and trivial things. So when we finally get that woman in our life with the key positive qualities we look for, why do we still aren’t satisfied?

Why do we seek attention from other women, when the woman who is supporting us with love and affection from the bottom of her mind, body, and soul is right by our side? Is it because we want to look like “the man”? Instead of trying to look like “the man”, why can’t we just be a REAL man? One that appreciates the woman who is there for us, helping us grow, motivating us, having us strive for greatness. Remove the distractions from your life. Cut off people who don’t respect your relationship. And do the following:

Tell her that she’s beautiful everyday. Tell her that she’s attractive. Tell her she makes you smile. Tell her that you appreciate her and thank her often. Tell her she’s the greatest person to ever enter you life. Be romantic often. Bring her flowers. Give her small tokens of appreciation and other gifts. Tell her that you want to reward her for all she has done and for helping you see your true potential. Tell her that you love her with all of your heart and soul. Tell her that she matters to you. Tell her thank you for believing in you, even when it seems the world does not. Tell her how you feel. Communicate. Just don’t wait until it’s too late. Then, the greatest gift you have received may be gone forever. I say this because I’m experiencing this now. Don’t be stubborn. Love her hard. Love her forever. Love her how she should be loved.