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Think Like A Man [Review]

Judge me if you want for seeing this movie but it’s whatever. Now by going to see this movie, I’m in no way advocating that Steve Harvey was correct in what he ‘wrote’ in his self help book for the ladies. (Let’s keep it 100, we know the scoop behind the scoop).

Think Like A Man centers around Cedric (Kevin Hart) and his friends Dominic (Michael Ealy), Jeremy (Jerry Ferrara), Michael (Terrence J), Zeke (Romany Malco) and Bennett (Gary Owen). Now with the exception of Bennett, each of the guys are going through some sort crisis with love and life:

Cedric (who is the narrator of the film): Is going through a divorce from his wife and is focusing on being free. Also provides the comedy aspect among the group.

Dominic: Seems to have a lot of dreams (he decides on being a chef) and his ex dumps him due to his inability to stay focused on a plan.

Michael: The ‘Mama’s Boy’ of the group. His world is dominated by his relationship that he has with his mother which hampers his love life.

Jeremy: has been dating his girlfriend for 9 years and is comfortable with the life he has, which is a problem for her because she feels that he can do much more with his talents.

Zeke: The ‘player’ of the group. He drops his lines on the ladies, get the ass and is out the door. He meets Mya at a bar and after dealing with her rude tone at first, they start dating.

Bennett: He is characterized as having a great marriage in the movie. The choices and advice that he gives reflects that.

Now as far as the ladies in the film:

Gail: She’s Cedric’s soon to be ex-wife and is revealed towards the end of the film but is characterized as being the one who had control in the marriage. They are often heard having many arguments with each other.

Lauren (Taraji P. Henson): COO of a media company who is looking for a man that can meet her status (job, education, car, etc). She starts dating Dominic after he followed her from dinner trying to stunt like big money. She was reluctant to read the book but at the urging of her friend Candace, she decides to read it.

Candace (Regina Hall): Single mom and best friends with Lauren, who meets Michael in Barnes & Noble as she’s trying to hide the fact that she brought Steve Harvey’s book. They start dating shortly after that.

Kristen (Gabrielle Union): Jeremy’s girlfriend of nine years, who tolerates his love for science fiction but is ready for the adult phase of their relationship like a career for him, marriage, redecoration of their apartment. In the book, she discovers that she hasn’t given Jeremy a reason to go after those goals.

Mya (Meagan Good): Meets Zeke at a bar where she’s having a drink with her friend and had a nasty encounter with a drunken patron. She got played by Alex (Chris Brown) and after purchasing the book, decides to put Zeke on the ’90-day test’ before giving up the goods.

As the movie itself, it follows the criteria as romance comedies do. The ladies start winning until an outing with the fellas where the guys start to pick that on certain questions that the ladies ask them. Throughout the movie, I started seeing some of the mistakes that I made in past relationships. But I don’t need to hear that from Steve Harvey, most of it is just common sense.

Another thing I noticed was that there were a few jabs taking at Tyler Perry. Especially when Michael suggests that they watch For Colored Girls on Blu Ray and the description of the movie provided by Dominic made me laugh. (Just watch the scene and you’ll understand.) In regards of the cast, yes it is catered to draw audiences in. The oohs and ahhs from the ladies when Michael Ealy and Chris Brown got screen time proved that.

I know that a lot of males won’t see this movie primarily because of the backlash they gave when the book was released but if you’re willing to go see it, just keep an open mind about the plot and the causes and effects of the decisions made in the movie. You’ll be fine, it won’t damage your soul if you do watch.