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Schooling Odyssey 002: Dog Days Of Summer

Time Start: 12:27 PM

Intro: Sheryl Crow – Soak Up The Sun

Normally when the Summer rolls around, it’s time for working and relaxation. NOT OVER HERE!!!! Well I’m working but Summer Session classes are in as well. After dealing with a grueling Intro To Statistics class, I’m taking Spanish as well. I’ve been trying to maintain focus as school is VERY DEMANDING. When I try to find some way to get away from this triple team of School/Work/Life, it’s no escape route found. And I don’t want to dump on anyone else in expressing my frustration with how things are going. But at the same time, this is the journey that I wanted to take so these bumps in the road are going to be there.

Life’s about making sacrifices to get to where we want to be. I know exactly where I want to be.

Thank you for reading if you did.

Outro: Jay-Z – Dear Summer

Time End: 1:55 PM