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Midweek Thoughts 3/14/18

Happy Pi Day! This is a late edition so let’s get it done!

1. On The Run II: The Pre-sale tickets went live today. I’m going to make an attempt to get tickets for this show. Yes, you’re reading this correctly. So wish me luck.

2. NFL Free Agency: New season, new moves. Folks still boycotting? We’ll see.

3. Rap Quote:

“Yo, this is in thought of those broads who got the goods
To the chicks who don’t – ehhhh it’s still all good
Some broads got an automatic thickness for eight
You’ll soon get it, just stay workin hard at it
Goodness gracious, good God almighty
You got a badonkadonk, girl don’t hurt nobody!” – Keith Murray from “Fatty Girl

4. Bruno Mars: Let that man make the music that he wants to make. Y’all die on the most outrageous hills over shit that is pointless.

5. #NationalWalkoutDay: Looks like the youth got their message across. Maybe Congress will finally pay attention. If not, they will have voters ready to be rid of them.