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Midweek Thoughts 2/7/18

Good day, readers! Let’s knock out some Midweek Thoughts!

1. Martin Reboot: The last time we heard about a Martin reboot, it was on a fake site that was saying Ashanti was going to be playing the role of Gina. Last week, a photo of Tisha Campbell-Martin and Tichina Arnold kissing Martin Lawrence fueled rumors saying that the show was planning to return to airwaves. I would hope that Hollywood wouldn’t add to the already rebooted market but who knows?

2. Philadelphia Eagles Are The Super Bowl LII Champions: It’s been a long time coming for the Eagles franchise and its fans as they finally won a Super Bowl championship. Nick Foles was named the game’s MVP and the citizen of Philly went wild.

3. Rap Quote:

Pistol in hand, homie, I’m down to get it popping
Once I squeeze the first shot you know I ain’t stopping
‘Till my clip is empty, I’m simply
Not that nigga you should try your luck with or fuck with
Hollow-tip shells struck you with your bones broken, guns smoking, still locing
What nigga, lay your ass down, paramedics get you up feeling

50 Cent from “Don’t Push Me

4. Quincy Jones Interview: Came across this Quincy Jones interview with Vulture where he touched on numerous subjects. And I was thinking that elder Black folks are wild with their interviews and stories.

5. Janet Jackson Appreciation Day: Also this past Sunday, Black Twitter showed that they don’t forgive, nor do they forget. In the hours leading up to the game, fans of Janet Jackson were tweeting their support, favorite songs, photos, etc. of the famous singer in a show of solidarity of what happened to her years ago when she was the halftime act for Super Bowl XXXVIII. And no, I haven’t listened to Justin’s latest album. 🙄