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Reasy's NFL Week #1 Picks

Disclaimer: I’m not an NFL Expert, that’s what those people on ESPN, NFL Network, CBS, NBC, FOX, SI and whatever else sports publication gets paid to do. I am however a fan of the game. So with that being said, let’s start the show..

Note: The team that doesn’t have the line through it, is my pick.

Minnesota vs. New Orleans

The Who Dat Nation is still celebrating that Super Bowl win while this summer we were constantly updated on Brett Favre’s whereabouts via ESPN. I’m riding with Easy Brees and the Ignorant Saints.

Denver vs. Jacksonville

The Broncos finished last season 8-8 and drafted Heyzoos favorite quarterback, Tim Tebow. Jags finished 7-9 last season but still boast dangerous running back Maurice Jones-Drew.

Miami vs. Buffalo

Miami had a 7-9 record last season and landed Brandon Marshall to help on the offensive. The Bills finished 6-10 and is probably one step closer to moving to Canada.

Detroit vs. Chicago

The Lions are coming off a 2-14 record and make some changes to the team to hopefully, somewhat improve. Da’ Bears are coming off a 7-9 record. Hopefully Jay Cutler won’t be have to buy a season’s worth of All due to the weak offensive line that the Bears have.

Indianapolis vs. Houston

Indy was an INT away from holding up the SB Trophy after boasting a 14-2 record last season. Texans had a 9-7 record last season and still shows promise of a football team to watch this season.

Atlanta vs. Pittsburgh

Dirty Birds finished 9-7 last season and are still riding with Matt Ryan and Michael Turner (some experts even have them finishing first!!). The Steelers head coach recently named Dennis Dixon starter. We’ll see if there will be any Dixon to Ward connections for these first 4 weeks.

Oakland vs. Tennessee

The Raiders finished last season 5-11 and brought in Jason Campbell to lead the offense. The Titans are looking to avoid that horrid start last season (*looks around for Neo*) and field a strong team this season.

Cleveland vs. Tampa Bay

The Browns finished 5-11 last season and while Mike Holmgren and GM Tom Heckert added new pieces, the Dawg Pound will still be looking up from the bottom. The Bucs finished 3-13 last season and are trying to build the team around Josh Freeman.

Carolina vs. NY Giants

Panthers finished 8-8 last season and have a relatively inexperienced QB in Matt Moore. The G-Men finished 8-8 and opens the season in their new stadium. They still boast dangerous weapons on offense in Eli Manning, Ahmad Bradshaw, Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith.

Cincinnati vs. New England

Now it’s the time to see if pairing up the VH1 duo of T.O. and Mr. Child Please will work wonders for Carson Palmer. Patriots however are dealing with reports that the divas Brady and Moss want new contracts, but Brady insists he’s ready.

San Francisco vs. Seattle

The 49ers finished last season 8-8 and Alex Smith looks to lead the charge what experts consider to be the best team in a bad division. The Seahawks still have issues on their front line and some have them predicted to finish 3rd in the division.

Green Bay
vs. Philadelphia

Aaron Rodgers is primed for superstar QB status and the Cheese heads are riding with him. The Eagles are in with Kevin Kolb at QB with Jeremy Maclin and Desean Jackson as a huge threat for secondaries throughout the NFC.

Arizona vs. St. Louis

Kurt Warner called it a career and Derek Anderson is leading the Cards and Larry Fitzgerald will still be causing issues down field. The Rams have rookie Sam Bradford starting at QB. Hopefully he won’t have a rude welcoming this season.

Dallas vs. Washington

“America’s Team” produced an 11-5 record last season and still have the combo of Romo – Austin that may have smiles on the faces of Cowboys faithful. Hopefully the thin O-Line can protect Romo. The ‘Skins landed head coach Mike Shanahan and former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb with hopes that the playoffs will be in the vision of the squad on I-295 South.

Baltimore vs. NY Jets

Charm City is still Wacko for Joe Flacco and he has new weapons in Anquan Boldin and T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Ravens still have concerns at Right Tackle and the secondary will be getting picked on. With New York’s other football team, Darrelle Revis finally got his contract and now the team that was one step away from the Super Bowl last season will hope that Dirty Sanchez has a better TD-INT ratio this season.

San Diego vs. Kansas City

Phillip Rivers will be leading the Bolts this season in hopes of doing big things. Ryan Matthews will handle the running duties and Antonio Gates is still an elite TE in the league. They will however be without WR Vincent Jackson who’s suspended due to violating the league’s substance abuse policy. Chiefs finished last season at 4-12 and hopefully Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles will be able to back up Matt Cassel in the backfield. Look out for the rookies to make a splash with the team.