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Bumps And Burials 2/18/18: Not Done With You Edition

What’s the deal, readers? Welcome to another edition of Bumps And Burials. Let’s talk some wrestling!

1. Get These Hands: Braun Strowman says that he’s the ‘last of a dying breed’ and while that may be so, he’s entertaining as hell. He’s what the game has been missing since we’re going to void of The Undertaker, Kane and Big Show shortly. In the segment on last week’s Monday Night RAW where he basically took Elias’ current gimmick up a notch. The response to it has been great and the WWE knows at some points when to strike when the iron is hot.

2. Rich Swann Released By The WWE: It was a matter of time that we would find out that Rich Swann would be released by the WWE stemming from his arrest late last year. Eventually, the charges were dropped but with the strides the company is making in its Women’s Division, it’s not surprising that this was the move they went with.

3. Injury Bug: It sucks when a dope storyline gets derailed when a performer gets injured or is dealing with nagging injuries. Jason Jordan was really coming into his own before his neck and back injuries forced him out.

4. WWE Bringing Back Dual Brand Pay Per Views: Post WrestleMania will show that the WWE will be returning to the dual brand pay per views. I understand the need but this is going to push more feuds to be back burner while pushing the championships down viewers throats. Maybe something will come from it.

5. WWE Hall Of Fame 2018 Class: So far Goldberg, The Dudleys and Ivory have been announced for the 2018 HOF Class. It’s heavy rumors swirling that Jeff Jarrett may be getting that phone call as well.

Backstage Segments

– Kierra Hogan has been on Impact and I’ve yet to watch an recent episode but I’m going to catch her one day in action.

– With Triple H taking over at 205 Live, I wonder if those roster there will finally be able to showcase their talent as we expect it to be shown.

– Speaking the Cruiserweight Division, almost everyone that has held that title has been either injured or released from the company. Might be a slight curse on it.

– Word is also floating that the WWE wants Rob Gronkowski to a contract. Would be interesting to see if that plays out.

– I enjoy the Mixed Match Challenge for it’s fun match appeal. Doesn’t have to be storyline driven to put on a good show.