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Write 365: 007 – One Hundred Sixty Eight

One hundred sixty eight was a particular number
At the end of this, my world would entirely change
Left in the dark after the twenty fourth hour
Figured the schedule became full but it was strange
No return calls, emails, or cute texts with the emojis
Went back to that last date where you were shortchange
The dinner was bad and the drinks were watered down
Tried to make up but no communication brings rearrange

Hours forty eight and seventy two and now I’m worried
Your social media updates are happening at weird intervals
Puzzling messages when you post them as the dagger digs deep
Song lyrics and quotes from ‘experts’ leave me feeling awful
Friends say they don’t know what’s wrong but may have the story
Maybe the truth’s right there and not sinking in my skull
Hour ninety six rolls around and I’m searching for answers
Leaving no stone unturned, the truth I may not be able to handle

Hour one hundred twenty and finally a response comes from you
You gave apologies for being distant as a lot was on your plate
Included an invitation to an event happening soon to provide answers
After breathing in deep, I re-read the contents and saved the date
Purchased new clothing for the occasion during hour one hundred forty four
Which lead me to the present and I’m among other people at the gate
I’m ushered to a seat that has my name which caused things to feel weird
World crumbled as the pastor pronounced them married in hour one hundred sixty eight