Midweek Thoughts 9/20/17

Good evening readers, it’s a Late Edition of Midweek Thoughts. Anyway, let’s get things rolling.

1. Press Conferences: It looks like if you have some breaking news, folks are calling press conferences with the quickness. I mean why bother when you have FB/IG Live and can do it for free.

2. Xscape’s ‘The Great Xscape’ Tour: Those ladies from Atlanta are hitting the road to cap off their reunion. They are bringing along Monica and Tamar Braxton.

3. Rap Quote:

“Ayo street mergers I legislated
The nerve I never hated
On murders pre-meditated
Absurd! I hesitated
Observe: cock and spray
Hit you from a block away
Drinking sake on a Suzuki we in Osaka Bay” – Cam’ron from “Down And Out”

4. New Friend Requests: On IG, I posted that I purchased my copy of Gucci Mane’s autobiography and I started getting new followers. I’m like why? I don’t really post and I don’t want to hear your struggle raps.

5. iOS 11: Updated my phone to the new one. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would. I’m sure that there is other tips I need to learn. I’ll read up on it later.

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