Blog Foolishness

  1. – Why do I have a serious addiction to Swiss Fruit Punch?
  2. – I like being rubbed.
  3. – Why I can’t seem to find someone that can be as silly as me? I mean on a random tip.
  4. – Why some songs from the 90’s still can get played like they’re brand new.
  5. – I still eat Now & Laters, Lemonade Heads, Cherry Clans and other hood candies.
  6. – My attention span is mad short. So if you aren’t keeping me focused, I’m over there somewhere.
  7. – AngieMic told me to blog foolishness so that’s what I’m doing.
  8. – Am I wrong for being stuck on artists that entertain me. Like if I can pull an old album from the 90’s and still enjoy it over the bullshit that I hear today.
  9. – It’s really hard to talk about myself. Like I can’t just go into myself.
  10. – I’m tired of folks hating on Jay-Z. Like his success came over night. When you’re favorite rapper has a career like him, then holla at me.
  11. – Why can’t folks just be honest? If you lying to yourself about something, you’ll lie about other things too. Just be up front and folks need to learn that constructive criticism isn’t the end of the world. Just step your game up.

Ok. Enough for today. I’m sure that it will be more. Bye.

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