From A Damaged Soul

As I lay here feeling sick — not in the literally sense
But more like the present — real time
What I end up saying will be foreseen in future tense
Mind is racing with thoughts, theories
Nah she wouldn’t do that — Forever our love will represent
She told me fables, stories, had my teeth marks in her forbidden fruit
Felt the poison running through my veins – mind said she was heaven sent
But I felt like I was trapped – many doors to exit but no way out
Inner emotions starting to rise — heart wants to relieve of that hold
Her voice spins it different — makes it seem like things will be alright
Trust me and I’ll never hurt you — one of the many lies I was told
Many days of harmful kisses — those nights were I Love You exchanged
She said it without batting an eye — her actions broke love laws very bold
As I sit here full of pain — Pen this for those that share the blame
Realizing that I am human — but inside mentally and emotionally I’m turning cold.

Whatever I Feel Like Speaking On…