Late Night Dreams…

As I lay in this lonely bed, tossing and turning.
Ignoring the sounds of Teedra Moses singing about love for a lifetime,
Ashanti singing about the way you used to love me(damn that kinda hit home)
She came back to me in this spiritual form, my eyes almost blinded from her shine:

She pulled me to her lips and inhaled my essence
She’s dangerous to my health but I can’t deny her
On many occasions, I tried to leave but I couldn’t ignore her presence.
She controlled my everyday life. From the time I wake up
To the moment when I closed my eyes
Rehab wasn’t an option — I can’t escape her

I stared into her eyes — Tell me the reason you said those words
Was it fact or fiction?
Were those feelings authentic
Or just another case of miscommunication?
The woman in white just turned her head
And made her voiceless exit in the opposite direction.

I woke up.

Whatever I Feel Like Speaking On…