State Of My Union Address

*taps the mic* Is this thing on?

Alright I’m coming straight from the top with this right here. Just to give you fair warning that if you come across something that I may say in here that offends you, make you upset, or hurts your feelings, GET OVER IT!!! Thank you.

Love Is A Battlefield/We All Get Scars

What constitutes a person as being in love? What do you show to a person that would symbolize love in it’s purest form? Do you love hard? Do you even love at all? Answer those questions and I don’t mean the same ol everyday answers either. I mean really sit there and analyze your answers. But people don’t read so I don’t expect many to partake in this.

Take Me As I Am

Now as many people know, I have many sides to myself. I have my loving, humorous, serious, relaxed etc sides to myself. But why is it that, when my dark side emerges, I get written off like a bad check. Someone called me a sarcastic asshole last night. And I kindly explained to her that this side only comes out when I am rubbed the wrong way. But whatever happened to accepting that person for who they are? I mean too many times I have seen this occur. If a person is known for certain things, why try to change them? I mean if you were to tell me that you have a stuttering problem, I wouldn’t take you to Kennedy Institute to get you checked out. I would just understand that it takes you 3 days just to tell a story(Insert laugh track here). This is a problem with everyone. You wonder why there are fakes on the internet? Well aside from the fact that they have deep emotional issues, but those people want to be accepted. And look at how we have set standards in society. Women have to be small, huge breasted or willing to take off her clothes in order to be accepted. So what happens to the females that are on the heavy side. They have to deal with the fact that they are shunned in this world while the girl who has her breasts hanging out, crusty ass thongs on and labeled dumb ass gets all the attention. Males we have pressure to deal with too. We have to deal with these females drooling and getting their panties wet to those models/actors/singers/rappers that are plastered all over the television, magazine and internets. It’s maybe a few that are accepted for their own individual style, but what about the rest. Everyone wasn’t born to trying to be “perfect”.


When I speak, don’t sit there and say awww I love your accent. It pisses me off on some whole next level type shit. And when I speak, open your ears(get the sugar daddy out) because I hate repeating myself. You would want me to have the same respect for you when you speak, so I expect the same if nothing more.

What’s Going On?

These youths are something else. Teens murdering their families, 3rd graders plotting to harm their teacher, 7 year old brought to guns to school. These are all headlines floating around the country. Whatever happened to respecting your elders? This type of madness worries me about the future. Parents please, BEAT YOUR CHILDREN WHEN THEY ARE SHOWING OFF!! I wish I would have tried that with my mother, I probably wouldn’t be here right now.

Right now I’m listening to Nas’ N.Y. State Of Mind. And I see how much his flow has changed compared to right now. Same goes for Jay-Z too or whoever has been around for a long time.

Damn it’s been over an hour and I haven’t still clicked on Publish Post…Hehehe

Anyway this is the end of the State Of My Union Address. Now scram!!!

Whatever I Feel Like Speaking On…