Throwaway Thoughts(Interlude)

*picks up balled up piece of paper and stares at it*

Days I sit and nights I stare out the window
Life stops and restarts daily but the world needs to pause
I watch as you sleep. So peaceful, so beautiful as day one
We’re both lost souls, searching for that first aid, broken hearts are the cause
Eyes are bright, touches me softly, kisses are breath taking
Want to give each other our all but we are afraid due to the past
Falling in and out of love, not wanting to take chances, scared of what the future has in store
Our hearts show traces of wounds due to constant battles
Trapped in dead relationships that we have become prisoners of war

We met through a mutual friend — two beautiful women
We shared common interests – writing, love of music — slow down
Spoke daily, feelings grew, you already had a situation
But I ignored it, stepped my game up — told you that I would be around
Would rather put myself through hell just to keep you happy
Tried to keep up with your love, show my enjoyable side
You told me to be myself, didn’t care if my clothes were a mess or my hair nappy

Lately we have drifted apart — our hearts

**balls paper back up and tosses it back into the trash**

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