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Nerd Ferguson – Bitch, Where's My Sandwich [Review]

After releasing a slew of music throughout 2011, Nerd Ferguson drops his first release for 2012. An album titled Bitch, Where’s My Sandwich. With this being is fourth release, you get a sense of what to expect from him as a rapper. No drug/trap talks in these raps but you get creativity, some laughs and an honest perspective of life from his eyes.
BWMS starts off with “This Is NOT a Mixtape” which is inspired from the introduction that appears on Jay-Z’s In My Lifetime Vol. 1album. Nerd Ferg sets the tone on this album by letting listeners know that this is NOT a mixtape.

I don’t do punchline rap/I don’t do tough guy rap/But I spit shit niggas listen to/when they tired of listening to you dumb guys rap

“WARNING: Don’t Sign Me” is a sick track produced by Rusty Redenbacher (@rustymk2). Packed with a sample flipped from the Bob James recording “Nautilus”, Nerd warns that you better not sign him as he gets a little cocky and shows why he’s great at this rap shit. Nerd gets a little autobiographical on “Day In The Life” where he talks about the stereotypes of being a rapper right now and the public’s perception of it. (“You rather fuck with the weed man/than support a nigga following his dreams man/At the end of the day/it’s just a dream man/no different than wanting to be a policeman”) At the end of the track, Nerd speaks of a move from NYC to Richmond, VA and how he used rap as the basis to gain friends.

“As big as hip-hop is in our lives and everything and as much as we love it, we tend to shun people for just want to contribute to that culture.”

Nerd Ferg also connects again with Pat Preezy and Lee Treble on a few tracks from BWMS. Preezy laced the ‘faux lesbian’ callout track “Lesbi-Honest” (where Nerd and DeFakto addresses females that claim to be lesbian but really aren’t about that life.) and also the tremendous “Our Love”as Nerd talks about the ups and downs of a long term relationship. Lee Treble contributes with “Hyundai Elantra Music II” which is just as great as the preceding track that appeared on Happy Hour. (“Realist shit I ever wrote/Ain’t drug dealing or selling dope/and my whip ain’t cost a hundred grand/but watch me take the flyest chick from up under her man”) and co-produces with Nerd on the very creative “Doing Lines With Oprah”. Once you hear that, you see what I’m referring to.

BWMS doesn’t fail to deliver in terms of great music. Nerd continues to impress me on his projects and I’m glad that he stepped up his game on this project. Also hearing him work with producers Jordan (“Day In The Life”), Blue Jones (“This Goes Out”) and A. Shepard (“Race Relations”) that he’s capable of really becoming more successful as time goes on. Nerd also steps behind the boards on “P.B.S.”. I highly suggest that if you are into great music, you should check out the album. You will not be disappointed. You can hear the tracks at here.