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Midweek Thoughts 11/5/14

Internet Meme Wednesday

Another Election Day is in the book and by the time you finish reading this, another Midweek Thoughts will be done too.

1. Larry Hogan Defeats Anthony Brown For Governor’s Race In Maryland: In what’s being hailed as an upset, Annapolis businessman Larry Hogan defeated current Lt. Governor Anthony Brown in Maryland’s open seat for Governor. Hogan made promises of ending the spending that drove up Maryland taxes but even his record is shaky. Well the last time we had a Republican Governor in office… never mind. We’ll see for ourselves.

2. Florida Fireman Putting Out The Fires Of Women During His Career: Stephen Coward, who spent 19 years with Clearwater, Florida Fire Department, career came to an end when it was discovered that he was putting in work with another hose. Videos and emails from women involved with the former lieutenant were sent to the department’s fire chief. Coward was allowed to resign without fanfare.

3. K-Mart To Begin Black Friday At 6 A.M. On Thanksgiving: In an effort to gain your hardworking dollars, K-Mart announced they will begin their Black Friday sale in the wee hours of Thanksgiving morning. So while the turkey is being baked, you can stand in line for those deals. The power of a dollar for real.

4. Ben Stein Calls President Obama ‘The Most Racist President’ Ever: Huh?! Ben Stein must have been sipping the Visine because he’s been saying some crazy statements as of late. The Boston Globe released an article stating former Presidents that were actually racists.

5. Adrian Peterson Reaches Deal To Avoid Jail Time: The Minnesota Vikings running back struck a deal that will keep him out of jail for an indictment of using a switch to discipline his son. Peterson stated that he glad the ordeal is over and there isn’t a timetable on when he’ll be able to return to the NFL. His teammates state that they will welcome him back with open arms.