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Cheat Codes

It’s peculiar how our relationship has progressed
She knows my movements and the reasons for my retorts
Whenever someone questions the lack of smile or joyful expression
She responds with ‘are they new here’ and shares laughs just for sport
Her yearly delivery month is that of June which makes her a Cancer
Connection is stronger than blood I can rely on that dependable support
Made mention of a future being built with her complete with being a family
Said she wanted to think about it, a friendship ruined is one that needs to abort
Stung me when those words were spoken but respect is truly given to her
She has cheat codes and won’t use them to gain leverage as a final resort

I swear these dudes don’t know what to do in order to keep her
Her desires are to be truly loved and she returns the good deeds
See I know what she likes and what will make her heart melt
Told her that I’ll sacrifice it all and in life I’m all that she needs
That would be unfair to the competition that you came prepared
A backdoor advantage to which you’ll supersede
You know all of my chest moves – Can’t use those cheat codes
Can’t blame me for paying attention to you but it’s not greed
Why put ourselves through the games no monopoly
When we can enjoy us and have a relationship that will succeed

Is it wrong that we use cheat codes to gain the upper hand verses opposition
As an alternative to being dealt a bad hand and suffering the penalty
Tired to being strung up and down like tricks on a Yo-Yo
Rather come home to her knowing we feel affection that’s taken seriously
Input that Contra code and I’m giving her 30 lives of pleasure
From the bedroom to the bathroom where things jump off automatically
I can dream can’t I and she can prolong with her realism
And when there’s reason to express, I’ll keep those thoughts internally
Always love her as the day we first laid eyes upon each other
Too many chances await just to squander my hopes aimlessly