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A Few Extra Thoughts…

As of 11:08pm yesterday evening, Troy A. Davis had executed by lethal injection as a result of being convicted in the 1989 murder of Savannah, GA police officer Mark MacPhail. After being convicted in August of 1991 of murder and some other lesser charges, seven witness recanted their stories saying that Davis wasn’t in fact the killer. But my question is this: if there was no evidence or DNA that could link Davis to the murder, why was he convicted? Was it because of word of mouth testimony from other witness?

Earlier today, I posted a link to a story about Samuel David Crowe. Crowe was convicted in 1988 of murdering Joseph V. Pala, the retail manager at Wicks Lumber Company in Douglas County, GA. Crowe admitted to the crime and was sentenced to death. Two hours before Crowe’s scheduled execution, his sentence was commuted into a life sentence.

Davis maintained his innocence throughout his prison sentence with no physical evidence linked to him and he still was executed. Crowe admitted to killing Pala, did a few atta boys in prison and had his sentence overturned within two hours of his scheduled execution.

Davis won’t be the first nor the last person that may be innocent in a case who has to face death without proper evidence form against them.