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Weird Dreams

I was awakened to kisses upon my face and neck and her hands moving along my genital area. Her hair was done but it hid her face as she continued to do things to wake me up from out of my slumbered state. Her tattoos started to become clear to me and suddenly, I realized who this mysterious young lady was that appeared in my bed.

“Vivian.” I spoke her name as I attempted to get her attention. She lifted her head slowly and climbed towards my face. The two of us work together at the office and there’s a bit of flirtatious behavior that occurs between us but since we work together, I don’t want to take that gamble in anything wrong. But here she is next to me, her chocolate skin glowing; she keeps her nails and toes done. I can’t deny how wonderful her body feels next to mine. I tried to fight those temptations, but my hands and dick betray me.

“Vivian, Vivian slo-slo…” I’m trying to collect my thoughts but she’s making it incredibility hard with her full set of lips kissing my skin. So I slide away from her so I can get a better understanding of what’s going on here.

“How did you get here? Matter of fact, how did I get here?” I ask while rubbing my eyes trying to awake myself. I remember being at the company gathering having drinks and we were discussing the outlook for the company for the New Year. I was speaking with another colleague about the new software that was being rolled out and then she slid a drink into my hand. I don’t know what was in it but I had her make me a few more.

Damn alcohol. Well Jamie did say that I could blame it on that but that’s not the purpose here. The story and the events leading up to right now are clearer. Vivian slid closer to me and wrapped her thick, toned thighs across me. She then gave me a sensual kiss on the corner of my mouth and kissed upward towards my ear.

“You know that you want to be inside.”

The blood moving inside of me picked up at a quicker pace as did my heart rate. I wanted to be inside of her as I was trying to get out of the cold weather. But what would happen to us a result of this sexual rendezvous? Meanwhile she started to give me a hand job that really clouded my better judgment.

I grabbed the condom from the nightstand drawer and prepare myself. I took the condom from out of the wrapper and it acted as if it didn’t want to fit. Now I’m feeling very awkward as she’s awaiting me. I finally got the condom situation fixed and I continued to go forward with the mission. When I finally entered inside of her, there wasn’t a reaction from her.

No moans. No closing of the eyes as that pleasure is being felt, just a stone cold, stiff stare in my eyes. I figure that she’s just trying to play hard to fuck so I place her leg upon my shoulder and stroke deeper.


‘What the fuck is this shit about?’ I think to myself. Just a few minutes ago, she was all over me and now this broad is nodding in and out on me mid stroke. I’m disgusted at this point so I decided at this point to leave while I can save face. I hopped in the shower to clean myself up so I can leave before she wakes. Soon as I leave out the bathroom, she was up packing her things.

“Oh you’re leaving? Just allow me to freshen up so I can check out with you.”

So much for that early morning slip out. She finally got dressed and I left the room two minutes before her. Vivian caught up with me and grabbed a hold of my hand.

“I hope that I didn’t turn you out too much this morning.” She whispered in my ear. I looked at her confusingly. “Ma’am, what are you referring to?”

Vivian came and tooted her butt up against my crotch. “When I put that thang on you, that’s what I’m referring to.”

“But you… never mind.” I was too tired to argue with her and she was obviously feeling delusional. We get on the elevator and Vivian’s still rambling on and on about whatever project she’s working on. We got to the lobby and I started to check out, there was a loud commotion occurring in the lobby.


The voice sounded familiar but I due to lack of sleep, I wasn’t paying much attention. I finally checked out and when I get to my car, I see that the windows are broken and tires are slashed. I mean this was some serious damage on the vehicle. On the hood of the car the words, “I HOPE THAT BITCH PUSSY WAS WORTH IT!!!” was spray painted.

I dropped my bags and looked over the damaged car. My wife, Roslyn pulled up next to me and rolled down her window.

“Next time, you’ll bring your ass home. Happy trails bitch.”

Roslyn then pulled out of the parking lot and drove off in the distance.