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New Music: Freddie Mac (@imfreddiemac) x 'Drinks Up'

As posted last week, Freddie Mac delivers his first offering, ‘Drinks Up’ from his upcoming mixtape Far From Average. Below, Mac gives a little insight into the track:

Finally, the first single from Far From Average is available for your listening pleasure. As stated before, ‘Drinks Up’ was produced by Cooarri LLC and mixed at IC Ent. I think this single portrays this generation we are living in. The trials we engage in, the obstacles we face, and the challenges that occur on a daily basis are all a part of life, but music is that one thing that lets us LIVE, care-free, for those three minutes. For those three minutes that you give me, I tried to not take them for granted, and give you something that would take you away from all the troubles you’re facing at the moment, and let you live like it’s the best time of your life. For those three minutes and twenty nine seconds. With ‘Drinks Up,’ I hope I am able to do that.