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Giving And Receiving

These are our moments of existence, where we laugh, cry and celebrate
The moments that we all should greatly cherish
To learn from the mistakes and all things that we’ve done erroneously
And to reflect on the life of that person from which the earth they perish
The tears will fall as the Pastor eulogizes over the deceased
But they will turn into smiles as we remember the goals they did accomplish
Console the family as they will need your blessings
Give them unconditional love in their time of need
Put aside that pride and do what is required
Be the bandage that heals the wound from which it bleeds
Make sure that it’s you being convincing and not counterfeit
Your blessings will return in high favor, since you didn’t mislead
Look to the skies, we throw ourselves at your mercy
We as sinners are forever grateful for the sanctions bestowed
To our loved ones that we’ve lost on this life journey
Allow the love that was reserved for us to live within us in overflow
Emotions, praises we share them with you
I’ll remain at your side as hardships occur, my loyalty will never outgrow