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Midweek Thoughts 6/14/17

Good day, readers. We’re right back on schedule so on to this week’s post.

1. Tinashe On Not Being Accepted: Poor Tinashe. It’s tough being an artist these days but in an interview with The Guardian, the ‘2 On’ singer believes that ‘colorism’ is to blame. I was rooting for her to make it but when you don’t connect, you gotta try again or take another lane.

2. Golden State Warriors 2017 NBA World Champions: I predicted that the Warriors would take it in six but five is fine for me.

3. Rap Quote:

“Flyer than the rest, I don’t rest I keep goin
I just I-G-nore ’em
Like anyway, anyway, anyway, anyway
Anyway it goes, I’mma get gold
And I could see the top, the way I’m climbin this pole
A nigga with the flu ain’t rhyming this cold
And nigga I’m hotter than a “fire in the hole”
Steppin’ out my shower like a lion in a robe
Eyin’ these hoes, iron in my hol-ster” – Lil Wayne from “Never Get It”

4. Black Panther Trailer: We are going to show up and out come February 2018.

5. Need To Burn Calories: Have sex. You’re welcome.