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Album Review: Lee Treble – Treble In Paradise


Chances are that you’ve came across music produced by Lee Treble. Hip-hop or R&B, he’s done it all. Now he’s ready to venture into the genre of jazz. And if you’re a music head, you are aware that jazz is genre full of rich music history. What made him want to take a step into the arena for this one? Lee states that this happened by accident while playing around with a chord progression while working on some stuff for Atlantic. He states that after he finished arranging the track, it was posted to his sound cloud with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Combine that with some complaining from the wife, he put this project together.

Lee cites Herbie Hancock as his biggest jazz influence. He goes on to say that Hancock was innovative, and a revolutionary figure in the evolution of jazz. Lee goes on to talk about how playing in church, my mentor was a jazz musician, so I’ve always had a jazzy approach to music. He named his youngest son after Miles Davis. Other musicians that served as his influences in jazz are Chick Corea, Joe Sample, George Duke, John Coltrane, Brian Culbertson, Bob Evans, Oscar Peterson, Robert Glasper, Zo, and many more.

Now let’s talk about Treble In Paradise. The project starts off with “Half Past Dark” that features @thetillshow. Lee mentions that it was mad cool to work with Till, who he also notes as a very humble and talented individual. Hearing these two combine their talents provided a great sound that music and poetry lovers will enjoy. “Park Place” instantly became a favorite of mine. I enjoyed the change in music tones that it provided. Now if you were on Twitter during the taco controversy, then you will appreciate the uptempo sound of “Ballad of Sao Luis (Tacogate)”.

“You” and “Emotionalish” are two very standout tracks on this project. The young lady featured on these tracks is Sacha Malone. But if you follow her on Twitter then you know her as @PurestInNoSense. Lee states that this was her first time ever singing on wax and their music had instant chemistry. Lee plans on taking her under his wing to see what else they can come up with together. Lee says that the remake of “You” by Goapele is my favorite track from Treble In Paradise. ‘@PurestInNoSense and I had an idea to remake a song with a jazzy approach, and she sang the melody for me. We literally did that in 2 days, vocals and music. It was also the hardest track we did.’ In working with both Till and Sacha, Lee says that it was a real pleasure and honor to work with both and that he will be using them in the future as well.

Listening to Treble In Paradise, I really enjoyed the approach that Lee took with this project. There are other great instrumental tracks on this project but you should check them out for yourself to get the experience. Lee says that with the incredible response to this project that he will have a follow up. He wants the next album to be done with live instruments and collaborate a little bit more. Get into it folks.