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Midweek Thoughts 7/5/17

Good day readers! Time for another edition of Midweek Thoughts. Let’s get these thoughts out there!

1. The Carmichael Show Being Canceled After Three Seasons: I hate when a show that I’m invested into suddenly gets canceled. NBC’s The Carmichael Show faces such reality after it’s being canceled after three seasons on the network. I believe that the show’s creator was looking to move on to other projects. So that’s that.

2. Jay-Z’s 4:44 Already Certified Platinum: Y’all thought he was washed? He’s at the cleaners.

3. Rap Quote:

“And we know, “New Jack City” got to keep my brother
But to be number one I’mma beat my brother
On that “Diamonds” remix I swore I spazzed
Then my big brother came through and kicked my ass
Sibling rivalry, only I could see
It was the pride in me that was drivin’ me
At the Grammys I said, “I inspired me”
But my big brother who I always tried to be” – Kanye West from “Big Brother

4. Black Traveling Agencies: Anyone know of any? Traveling is in the cards.

5. I Love You: Just know that.