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Midweek Thoughts 11/23/16

It’s Thanksgiving Eve. It could mean a lot of things depending on your line of thinking. But’s that’s neither here nor there so on to these Midweek Thoughts!

1. Lovesick Season 2: This show became one of my favorites to watch on Netflix. It was first titled Scrotal Recall but changed the name. The show’s about the causal dating adventures of Dylan (Johnny Flynn) but my main reason of tuning in is for Evie, played by Antonia Thomas.

2. Kanye West: I hope that he’s doing what he needs to get himself together. Surrounding himself with people that’s going to has his best intentions at heart.

3. Election Results Hacked?: That’s what experts are saying happened in this year’s Presidential election. Three swing states are in question: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. The deadline for challenging the results is next week. The Obama administration is currently against it as they want a smooth transition.

4. Model Appropriation: So on the cover of Black Hair magazine, there’s a young lady on the cover sporting a natural, curly haired look. Apparently, the model in question reached out and explained the origin behind the photo and a magazine that’s aimed to reach Black Women had a white model on the cover. The magazine apologized to its readers, who were upset.

5. Friendsgiving: I’m going to my first one this weekend. Enjoy the remainder of your week!