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Midweek Thoughts 4/12/17

Good day and welcome to another edition of Midweek Thoughts. Let’s knock another post out!

1. United Airlines: With company brands messing up royally, United Airlines had police remove a passenger from their plane. Now you know with this age of social media, things are being recorded. So naturally, you know they are feeling massive heat from this incident. The story was that some United employees needed to be on a flight that was leaving Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and heading to Louisville, KY. I’m guessing that none of the passengers decided to step up. Then the video begins showing police dragging the passenger off the plane. The CEO called the passenger ‘disruptive and belligerent’ but has since changed his stance. So now, United is receiving very bad pub, stock dropping and parody videos are being created. They played themselves.

2. Sean Spicer: See what happens when mediocrity takes over? You get asswipes like Sean Spicer who makes comments about Hitler not stooping to using chemical weapons. So this is the bullshit that we’re going to have to deal with.

3. T.I. and Tiny: Let’s do some history here: Tiny was already a star back when she was in the R&B group, Xscape. Tiny was writing songs and collecting checks. Tiny meets T.I. They get married and start a family. T.I. wants Tiny to stay home and take care of the family. T.I. gets arrested and does jail time. Tiny still holds him down. Tiny even takes a drug charge for him. T.I. says ‘marriage is a distraction’. I get it, relationships/marriages end all the time. It’s life but she gave hers up to run that household. And to write it off as a ‘distraction’ is selfish as fuck.

4. Mary J. Blige: I said that she spells just like how she dances. I was told to go to bed. Where is the lie?

5. NBA Playoffs: I need the Washington Wizards to make a strong push in these playoffs.