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Midweek Thoughts 4/27/16: Nerd Boo’s Corner (Birthday Week Edition)

Hello everyone!

It’s Nerd Boo here with your Midweek Thoughts. My N3rdy4th birthday is April 30th so Derek invited me to do a guest blog. Thank you in advance for reading, and let’s get started!

1) The political scene: Ya’ll. YA’LL! It’s getting real. Donald Trump aka “Opossum Toupee” is actually in the lead as the Republican candidate. I cannot imagine living in this country if he becomes president. I urge you all to vote, make your voices heard, and get others involved. The Democratic Party isn’t filled with greatness, but it is certainly the lesser of two evils.

2) Prince: None of us saw this coming but I have to be honest-some people I never saw as getting old and he was certainly one of them. He blessed us with nearly 40 years of musical genius and when he passed, the world went purple. He will be missed but my God look at the gifts he left us with!

3) “Non-Purpose Negro“: this term was coined by one of my favorite YouTube personalities, MuffinIsMyLovers. This means a man who does not serve your life in any form whatsoever. I crack up laughing each time she says it.

4) Zika Virus: Okay, the fact that this virus is spread by mosquitoes and can be spread sexually made me wonder if condom companies might start offering condoms sprayed with OFF mosquito repellent. Just a thought…

5) Self Care: I know I’m not the only person experiencing major stress in life, so I urge you all to take time for yourself. I practice yoga during the week and it is the one hour where I allow myself to NOT think. It really helps. I urge you to find what works for you, so that you remain at your best.

Thanks again for reading! Take care of yourselves and each other 🙂

-Nerd Boo (@lusciousraen)