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Album Review: Nerd Ferguson – Gunshots & Twizzlers

Gunshots & Twizzlers

Consistency is a world seldom heard in regards to MC’s when they release music. And if you haven’t heard music from Nerd Ferguson by know, then I really don’t know what rock you’ve been living under. This is is fifth solo album since dropping Unhappy Hour back in 2011 and he’s kept his consistency up since then. Nerd states that this album was named Gunshots & Twizzlers at the suggestion of one of his followers, which he found the title to be hilarious.

Gunshots & Twizzlers is a 17-track album that continues to show Nerd’s shine as an MC and producer as well. The album starts off with ‘How Many Mics’ as he and Taeiom kills mics as they rip this track to shreds. As always, Nerd uses his music to rap about subject matter that applies to things that going on in life. Nerd discusses feelings that returned of a girl that he used to kick it with on ‘I Miss My Jumpoff’. One of my favorite songs from Nerd returns for a part three as DeFakto joins along for the ride on “Hyundai Elantra Music III”. Nerd closes out the album with autobiographical track ‘Nerdy Me’ as he gives listeners a look into his life up to this point.

Production on the album is very solid as Lee Treble, Pat Preezy, Mike “D-vine” Harris, Reg, Justyn Waves, and Cam all contributed to this album. Speaking on his own production, Nerd says that he learned a lot from Lee Treble and Pat Preezy and that they’re huge inspirations for him music wise.

I’ve tried to take bits of pieces of things they do and incorporate it into my own beats. I’m beginning to gain a comfort level with production, so this album has more self produced songs than any of the others.

Nerd says that this being his fifth album, he like to think that he improved at least a little bit in every aspect…whether lyrically, production wise, even down to the actual mixing and engineering of the songs and that he tries to get better with every release. For those that want to make a name for themselves, Nerd offers this advice:

Take yourself seriously or no one else will. If you’re gonna put out projects, take the time to get it mixed and mastered, get professional artwork, make it available to everyone on a commercial level, presentation is everything. DatPiff links and CD-R’s with sharpies ain’t gonna cut it.

In regards to the future, Nerd says that he got quite a bit of projects that he’s working on…group material w/ DeFakto and Box & Won, the finale to this current trilogy of albums, more writing and producing.

I’ll keep doing music in some shape or form until I’m sick of it!

Gunshots & Twizzlers is a dope project that I feel fans of hip-hop should check out. Nerd once again delivers a great album that shows that he’s great at his craft.