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Nerd Boo’s Corner: Nerdy Pole: A Year in Review

Last year, I made the decision to sign up to take pole fitness classes. Yup, pole dancing. Like a stripper, complete with 6-inch heels and a thong. I will admit that I had always been intrigued by the power an exotic dancer/stripper has over her audience, and I’ve always wanted to posses that power. So on August 20th, 2013, I took my first tour of the Houston location of Sheila Kelley’s S Factor. After the tour, I used a free pass to try out an Introductory Class.

The Intro class was amazing, 1.5 hours of a fun workout that didn’t even feel like a workout. The teacher was full of energy, the soundtrack was live, and we even learned a simple pole trick called the Firefly. But what really astounded me was near the end of class, students from the upper level classes came into the studio to demonstrate their skills for us. These women were goddesses. Moving seductively to the music, sliding gracefully along the wall, strutting in stilettos, crawling along the floor, spinning and climbing on the pole and doing tricks that left my eyes and mouth wide open. Right after that, I signed up and on September 21st, 2013, I took my first ever pole class.

It’s now a year later. Many of my original classmates have dropped out due to life’s demands but I’m still hanging in there. I have a wonderful teacher who pushes me when I don’t want to be pushed and celebrates in the accomplishments I’ve made thus far. Never the dancer nor athlete, my physical coordination sucks at times, but I do try. Although there are many tricks I have yet to conquer (damn inverting!), I’ve celebrated in what makes me unique. I can climb a pole extremely well and land in a split when I come down, my floor work is sexy as hell, and I’ve been told that my ass IS my most powerful asset, so let it control my dancing. Plus I now have a pole at home so….

I do pole fitness not only for the physical health aspect, but the emotional aspect as well. It is an outlet for me when everything else becomes overwhelming. When I walk into the studio, the demands of my life fall away and I can concentrate on myself. Sure there are times when I can’t master a trick that everyone else seems to get in one day, but I keep trying. I’m a much happier woman for it. I’m thankful that my family supports me, and so does my boyfriend. He reaps the benefits of private dances that are my gift to him.

So it’s been a great year filled with fun at the studio and I’m looking forward to the next one. I recommend finding a pole fitness studio in your hometown. I’m partial to Sheila Kelley’s S Factor (the original pole fitness studio, I might add) but if there isn’t an S Factor location in your city, I’m sure there is some sort of pole fitness offered. Not only are the health benefits great, but the feelings of confidence, pride, and comfort in your sexuality are priceless.

Thanks for reading!
Nerd Boo (@lusciousraen)