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Album Review: Cardi B – Invasion of Privacy

After seeing her invade our airwaves as a cast member of VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop: New York, Belcalis Almanzar was set to be a star. But what would her story entail? We’ve known her to be very outspoken on Monday nights and we also knew that she rapped (She released two mixtapes in 2016 and 2017) but could she rise from the ranks of other “artists” that have graced that VH1 program and make a name for herself?

“Honestly, don’t give a fuck ’bout who ain’t fond of me
Dropped two mixtapes in six months, what bitch working as hard as me?
I don’t bother with these hoes, don’t let these hoes bother me
They see pictures, they say, “Goals,” bitch, I’m who they tryna be” – Cardi B from “Bodak Yellow

Bodak Yellow” made the summer of 2017 even hotter than we could imagine. This record topped Billboard’s Top 100 and went on to sell five million copies. There were whispers that she couldn’t follow up the success of “Bodak Yellow“.

“Cardi took your man, you upset, uh
Cardi got rich, they upset, yeah (from what?)
Cardi put the pussy on Offset (say what?)
Cartier, Cardi B brain on Offset (21)” – Cardi B from “Bartier Cardi

In listening to “Bartier Cardi“, it was slow to catch on to me. It went on to sell a million copies. It was announced that Cardi B would release her debut album Invasion of Privacy on April 6th. With two singles to go off, what would Cardi have to offer next?

“Do you, though, trust me, nigga, it’s cool, though
Said that you was workin’, but you out here chasin’ culo
And putas, chillin’ poolside, livin’ two lives
I could’ve did what you did to me to you a few times” – Cardi B from “Be Careful

Be Careful” is a record that serves as a warning to a lover that has a tendency to step out. It’s a record that many can relate to. I too, have poured out my heart to pieces of shit.

“I’ve been that bitch since pajamas with footies
Won MVP, and I’m still a rookie, like woo
I gotta work on my anger (ayy)
Might kill a bitch with my fingers (ayy)” – Cardi B from “Drip

I can’t speak on anyone else but this record here?! This record had me cutting a jig in the store. Cardi links up with soon to be husband Offset as well as Takeoff and Quavo (Okay… Migos) and they rap about success and those that are against it.

With that being said, what would Cardi deliver on her debut album?

“Make that pussy slip and slide like you from the 305
Put your tongue out in the mirror, pop that pussy while you drive
Spread them asscheeks open, make that pussy crack a smile
Lock your legs ’round that nigga, make him give your ass a child” – Cardi B from “Bickenhead

Holy shit! Project Pat’s “Chickenhead” is sampled here and I’m here for it! Cardi is definitely looking to empower the ladies on this record. Especially towards the end where she raps “Give him some vag’, I’m gettin’ a bag, give him some ass, I’m gettin’ some Raf/When I’m done I make him cum, but then he comin’ off that cash“.

Another record that caught my ear was “I Like It“. This record samples Pete Rodriguez “I Like It Like That” and it made me want to find a spicy lady and cut a rug.

“Flexing on bitches as hard as I can
Eating halal, driving the Lam’
Told that bitch I’m sorry though, ’bout my coins like Mario (Mario)
Yeah they call me Cardi B, I run this shit like cardio
Oh, damn” – Cardi B from “I Like It

There’s a lot of flossing on this album and we know that Cardi is about her money. This is evidenced on “Money Bag” where she rapped “Chef Cardi B, I’m cookin’ up, I see you hoes at the stove again/While you hoes were sleepin’ on me, I made 40 bands by 4pm“. Love and relationships are central on this album as well. The Kehlani featured “Ring” is strong here: “You don’t want this gun smoke/Learn to text with your nose if your thumb broke/I don’t care if we gettin’ to it and I stall on your ass/But I still wake up from missed calls from your ass, nigga

If you follow me on social media, I’m going to be quoting this album as I thoroughly enjoyed Invasion of Privacy. Cardi approached this album by being herself and this formula worked in her favor. As she raps on “Best Life: “Y’all gotta bare with me, I been through some things/Went from small-ass apartments to walkin’ red carpets/Pissy elevators, now every dress is tailored/This some real-life fairy tale Binderella shit

Heart of a champion, indeed.