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Black Ladies Shine In Premiere Week.

Black Ladies Shine

This week, was premiere week for many shows on the major networks and there were black ladies in major roles which was huge. So I’ll take a look at the shows and offer my thoughts on the character roles that the black ladies are playing.

1. Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney on FOX’s Gotham: I was hearing a lot about Gotham on Twitter and I decided to watch the show for myself since it was being hyped up. Jada playing a mob boss is a great fit for her. Can’t wait to see more her in more episodes.

2. Nicole Beharie as Lt. Grace Abigail “Abbie” Mills on FOX’s Sleepy Hollow: So after Gotham went off, Sleepy Hollow came on next and the character played by Beharie was a great success. Now I’m looking forward to watching this show as well.

3. Tracee Ellis Ross as Rainbow Johnson on ABC’s Black-ish: Ross, who has had leading roles in Girlfriends and Reed Between the Lines joins Anthony Anderson in this new sitcom that airs Wednesdays on ABC. Ross has the talents to shine in the role of Rainbow and hopefully this Black-ish will shine among the great lineup that includes The Middle, The Goldbergs and Modern Family.

4. Chandra Wilson as Dr. Miranda Bailey, Jerrika Hinton as Dr. Stephanie Edwards and Kelly McCreary as Dr. Margaret Pearce on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy: Grey’s Anatomy which is in its eleventh season boasts three Black ladies in their cast. Wilson, who has been on the series from the beginning, is still strong as the fiery Dr. Bailey as she’s challenging Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) for a seat on the board. I’m a fan of Hinton as Dr. Edwards and would like to see where her character goes this season. McCreary is the newcomer to the series as her character, Dr. Pearce is already bumping heads with Meredith Grey.

5. Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope on ABC’s Scandal: The huge question leading into this season of Scandal was where was Olivia Pope? She was last seen on a plane with her side dude, Jake (Scott Foley). Here’s hoping that they get the character back to what she’s originally known for doing and that’s cleaning up messes in Washington, D.C. Fans of the show have their wine and popcorn ready for Thursday nights.

6. Viola Davis as Professor Annalise Keating in ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder: With the new ABC series, How to Get Away with Murder taking over Scandal’s original time slot of 10PM, Viola Davis’ character Professor Keating is poised make a splash as another strong character in television drama. Can’t wait to watch more episodes of this show as Viola Davis sinks her teeth into Thursday Night drama.