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Five Things 01.31.11

Good morning folks. Hope that you all had a great weekend. This week’s list is coming from my buddy Toya, who just recently celebrated her birthday. So she’s gonna hold it down for me. Let’s go!!!

This past weekend was my birthday weekend (woot woot) and one thing that I’ve learned about birthdays if you don’t  celebrate them no one else will either. Well ‘cept ya momma, but she’s kinda obligated.
1)Worrying helps nothing. Sometimes you’ve got to tell your emotions how to feel or you’ll get caught up in em. Talking to yourself may seem strange, but the more you do, the more understanding of self occurs.

2) “You get along with everybody” – this was told to me on several occasions this weekend. As I reflect. That certainly isn’t the case. Am I social-  but I do pride myself in being able to communicate with others how i feel, (maybe cuz of the conversations with myself-refer to number 1 lol) but if i don’t like something I express it. Confrontation often gets a bad rap. It doesn’t have to come to throwing them thangs. Say how ya feel (with ya chest) and keep it moving.

3) Birthday cake is fucking awesome

4) Jesus Loves me this I know, No hanger(s) tell me so!!! – and believe me you take my blood right now!! I could be arrested.

5) Goals- for the first time in along time I’ve been focusing on me. I’ve always felt like whatever I want to accomplish I will. With that being said my focus, have been my children, my career, family, etc. One thing was missing on my focus was me- Physically. In October I decided I was important enough. The goal was to lose 33 pounds by my 33rd bday. I’ve never been the one to really exercise and all that shit, but lets face it I’m not getting any younger. Besides I’ve got kids I’m raising into greatness and need to be here for the long haul. I didn’t meet my numerical goal but baby I look and feel good. Lost 28 pounds and 13 and 3/4inches. (*does cabbage patch*) I’m back in high school clothes. .. well I mean not Cross Colors and Damage Jean, but you get the point.

What I’ve learned this weekend in all, we are so many things all the time for so many people. Take time to be selfish, and celebrate you.