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Midweek Thoughts 9/18/13

Wednesday… Let’s go!

1. GTA V: Haven’t really got a chance to get into it but so far the game was worth the wait.

2. Third Quarter: Drake’s is gearing up for a 2nd half run. We’ll see how those numbers turn out in a few weeks.

3. Number 51: Chris Davis broke the Orioles single season record for homeruns which was previously held by Brady Anderson. Now we need to make that playoff push this season.

4. Kendrick Lamar says “Control” Was About Pushing Hip-Hop Forward: During his appearance on the Arsenio Hall show, Kendrick Lamar talked about the verse that still has Fabolous looking for a studio to record in. We as fans can only hope that something positive comes from this.

5. iOS 7: As of right now, I’m downloading the new update. I may just wait until I get home and allow it to finish.