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Bumps & Burials 12/11/17: Thoughts On Rich Swann

On December 10th, 2017, news within the professional wrestling community were reporting that WWE Cruiserweight and 205 Live mainstay, Rich Swann was arrested over the weekend and charged with kidnapping and false imprisonment. WWE was swift in suspending the Baltimore born superstar as they stated the company has ‘zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence’.

I first heard of Rich Swann via the True Hardcore Wrestling Fans Facebook group. This was a few years ago and I didn’t know that we had someone that was from Baltimore that was known in the Indy ranks. I caught a couple of his matches on YouTube and instantly became a fan. I learned about his Baltimore roots and felt more connected to him as he was making it out of Baltimore and doing big things.

When I read about the arrest, it hit me hard. With domestic violence being a large issue here in this country, you hate to hear that someone that’s making a name for themselves derail their own momentum. There has been mentions that Swann has a temper and that type of attitude will sour people on you. There was a young lady in the THWF group that said something about ‘taking the man/person out of Baltimore but can’t take the Baltimore out the man/person’. I wanted to react but I’m not arguing with anyone on Zuckerberg’s website. But to insinuate that every human male that’s born in Baltimore has some kind of criminal tendency is an ignorant statement to make. Being a native of Baltimore, I didn’t have the best life here but I made something of myself. I’m sure that Swann was as well but his demons get the best of him as he was looking to get ahead. It’s fucked up that he ruined his career in this way.

I hope that Swann gets the help that he needs and no matter the outcome, his wrestling career is essentially finished. But we’ve seen other people do worst and still have a job in the field they are in.