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Write 366: 366 – 731 Days

We’ve arrived at the end of 2016
The credits are scrolling up the screen
This year was an eye opening ordeal
A mixture of negative and positive feel
Tested and in some ways, fell flat
Wile E. Coyote dropping from a cliff going splat
R.I.P. Mrs. Andrea, things didn’t got as planned
July 19th snatched air from my lungs, I couldn’t stand
That’s when I discovered that forever has a timestamp
A new interest came along, so I’m ready to jump the ramp
Seemed that a lot of celebrities had their homegoing
Ones that we grew up with and kept parts of our lives shining
More disappointing was the results of the Presidential election
Bet the house with Hillary and everything wasn’t for certain
Will always refer to him as #NotMyPresident as it’s so accurate
Hoping that it’s a slow crawl as were heading to hell in a hand basket
Praying that peace, love and new journeys await me to unwrap
Also, making wise decisions and to avoid the unnecessary trap
Finishing up this final #Write366 post, the best is yet to be seen
New light, blessings as I’m ready to embrace the year, 2017