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To My Sisters.

Alluring Black Women with the intelligence and sex appeal to match
This cruel world shunned, disgraced them and gave a cold shoulder
All they ask for is love and support but constantly we let them down
When they reacts, we chide them for expressing the reasons of their anger
We as men, have to be careful with our actions and decisions
In an instant, black women will break you down without even using a slur
Reduce you lower than what you thought that you could be
Leave your head spinning and seeing what’s left is her heel departing in a blur

Black women loves, cherish, caters and supports our efforts
They’ll rub our back and tell us that life will be adequate
Tears fall from them the hardest when our blood’s in the streets
Unconditional love emerging from their hearts when we’re the target
often we lose perception of what God has bestowed upon our lives
Once that bright vision goes blind, what we used to have becomes desolate
Black women having our backs when we’re against the wall is a privilege
Harm that relationship and the damage is done leaving us less fortunate

For all the wrong that has happened, all is asked for is forgiveness
We don’t deserve that but it’s nice if we can achieve that purpose
Black Women should be the center of our very existence
And not just a rest haven for our harden and relieved phallus
A repeated cycle that becomes uninteresting and stale
In which an empty ‘relationship’ becomes pointless
Let’s go back to to what made us whole in the beginning
Love — which is built on a foundation of trust and warm promise