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Bumps & Burials 1/16/17: God Save The U.K. Champion

Welcome back to Bumps & Burials, where it’s all things wrasslin’!

1. WWE UK Championship Tournament: The WWE held a two day tournament over the weekend where the best in the United Kingdom battled to become the first ever United Kingdom Champion. Saturday, I had almost lost interest but Sunday those matches pulled me back in. Much better storytelling on Day 2.

2. Tyler Bate: 19 years of age and won his first WWE Championship. The story of him being 19 and a underdog is what put him over the top.

3. Pete Dunne: He’s a GREAT heel and at 23, he has a long career in this business.

4. Neville: In a special attraction, Neville came out and cut a monstrous heel promo about how he’s been forgotten in these past two tournaments. He’s going on with his promo and newly signed NXT superstar, Tommy End comes out and they have a match. Neville comes away with the victory after hitting the Red Arrow.

5. Michael Cole and Nigel McGuinness: Michael Cole needs to learn to call those moves correctly. Nigel McGuinness was great calling the action alongside Cole but maybe next time, let’s have Mauro Ranallo call those matches.

Backstage Brawls

– Low key expected Zack Sabre, Jr. to be involved with this tournament but these competitors did more than raise the bar.

– Could’ve used some more Black U.K. wrestlers. I know it was more of them around.

– William Regal had a great hand in this tournament as well as Finn Balor.

– I wonder if they will have some of the other competitors end up in NXT?

– U.K. fans were totally into the matches. That’s how wrestling crowds should be.